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About BBQ team

KC Ends. Who are we are why are we qualified to write about BBQ? That’s a great question, we knew you’d ask it, so that’s why you’re here. Short answer—we’re not. Long answer—it doesn’t matter. The thing about BBQ is its ultimate equalizing force. You don’t need a degree in BBQ cooking to know if it tastes good, you simply to have to bring an open mind and an open mouth, and we have 2 each of those.

KC Ends was started in 2020 by Chris and Jillian after they moved back to Kansas City after having been gone a decade from the city. Was it the barbecue that brought us back? Try the burnt ends here, and you’ll see that’s probably true. KC Ends was started during the “Great Debacle that was 2020,” so you can infer we had some time on our hands to burn. So, instead of burning that time or our hands, we burned some meat, and here we are.

We are passionate about barbecue and the great city of Kansas City, so we wanted to share that with others who might be like-minded. Check back often for new reviews. Or, if you have a recommendation about a new place or product to try or even a recipe for us to attempt, contact us.

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