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The History of Kansas City Burnt Ends

Kansas City, Missouri, is the true birthplace of the burnt end. Burnt ends are the leftover part of the brisket, which was often considered too cooked to served. The fattier “point” is also known as the “fat end” or “second cut.” The point can be cooked with the flat or divided and cooked separately.

In the 1970s, an innovative restaurant decided to do something with that point. There, it was cooked with the flat, and after cooking, was charred and not deemed good enough to serve. It was cut into pieces and served to customers waiting in line for their order—FOR FREE. We definitely were born in the wrong era to miss this.

This all went down at Arthur Bryant’s. What happened next was Playboy—influencing culture all the way from the female figure to what we put into that figure. KC-born Calvin Trillin wrote about these free offerings, and, as many things in Playboy often were, became quite the attractive item to consume. See the original article here at Full Custom Gospel BBQ

As Trillin wrote in the article, “I dream of those burned edges.” So do we, Calvin, so do we.

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